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Am I losing it,
I mean,
have I lost the ability to write poetry
into units of emotional thoughts.

When autumn filters into winter,
nature shows a shadow
of what is to come;
coldness, emptiness, and the death

Who is that echo of light and shade
slipping by the shop window pane,
broken, withdrawn, sad, and faded,
a reflection no longer favoured with smiles;

Life is nearing its end,
clouds are pending
on tender threads
that can snap at anytime

Life can be a black hole,
eternally deep
where light simply cannot escape
from the gravitational pull of failed situations

When facing another day
I see the sadness of a sleepy sun
balanced on the thread of a distant horizon
trying to climb the steep wall of the sky,

Ronnie Rayner Larter Biography

I began writing poetry back in the early 1970s as a way of burning off inner feelings, which later filtered into nature, local history and events in life. Over the years, I have had poetry published in UK magazines, anthologies as well as several self-published pamphlets and books. My latest, a series of books (book 1 and book 2) titled 'Complete Works of Poetry' spans the period1977 to 2011. Book 3 is still in process. They cover all the poems I have written through those years, both the good and the not-so-good showing my progression and growth as a poet. Others are in the pipeline that will cover my poetry up to the year 2021. Each book span over 100 pages.)

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Am I Losing It?

Am I losing it,
I mean,
have I lost the ability to write poetry
into units of emotional thoughts.

My mind stumbles
on a foggy path,
meandering like a lost child
in a wilderness of empty wishes?

And my pen;
well, it stares patiently at the page
waiting for instructions that never seem to come;
a virgin page untouched, clean, wanting,
begins to smile at my deeply clenched brow,
enticing me, daring me
to make an approach
on its lily-white face.

No, not today;
… perhaps

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