Ronnita Couch

Rookie (The Fifth Day of December in the year Nineteen Hundred Eighty! Eighties Baby / IngelWOOOOOOD! , California)

Biography of Ronnita Couch

My name is a conjuction of my Mothers' Juanita and my Fathers'Ronald. Ronnita. I was born the second child to this union and the only girl. I am 27 years old in I live in the city of Gardena, California. I have one daughter Miss Chloe Elizabeth Harris, she is my world. Chloe is 3 months. She was born August 1,2008! My county baby, lol for those of you who know what I mean. I am employed by the City of Los Angeles, Civil Servis, translation airport security. I am singleish? ? ? (Chloe) . I like to read and write in my spare time. I have read over 100 books and I still dont have a favorite yet there are some that I really like and have read twice. The Color Purple, Still Missing, I Know why the Caged Bird Sings. I am currently reading Stones from the River. My aspirations in life are to become a famous poet and a television show producer, come on Operah. I also in joy party planning and and interior design.

Ronnita Couch's Works:

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