1. The Angels Arc 7/5/2015
2. The Judge-The Lawyer- And The Defendant 6/20/2015
3. Where Has Laughter Gone? 6/26/2015
4. Three Little Orphans 6/21/2015
5. A Poem For Unsung Flowers 7/1/2015
6. Four Friends - Hope, Faith, Belief And Prayer 7/1/2015
7. Absent 7/19/2015
8. Babylon….. 9/18/2015
9. Piano - Magic Fingers 7/19/2015
10. Time Stood Still 6/27/2015
11. If I Could 6/7/2015
12. Crazy Crazy English 6/15/2015
13. One 100% 6/18/2015
14. Father 6/13/2015
15. One In A Million - Part Ii 8/31/2015
16. Footprints 10/14/2015
17. Money Talks! 10/19/2015
18. The Ward 10/22/2015
19. Gypsy 9/12/2015
20. Jalebies…. 9/14/2015
21. Handicapped 6/14/2015
22. Abandoned 6/19/2015
23. Whispeing Love 7/2/2015
24. The Beggar 9/20/2015
25. Limerick 8/16/2015
26. You Tried To Touch Me...... A Choir 7/6/2015
27. Young At Heart 8/13/2015
28. What Is A Prayer 6/8/2015
29. To Be A Butterfly 6/4/2015
30. Doormat 9/6/2015
31. One In A Million 6/3/2015


  • Ging Taping Ging Taping (2/14/2016 7:45:00 PM)

    Hi friend! how are u? where are you now? any updates from you?

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  • Valsa George Valsa George (10/2/2015 3:41:00 AM)

    Roop Rekha Bhasker, though a new entrant to PH is a poet whose poems I cherish with their fervent humanistic appeal and flawless diction. As one with a good command of language and the gift of imagination, I hope she will soon draw greater attention. Sincere and true to life and the people with whom she closely associates, I feel she can be seen as a reliable friend! Let more and more great poems flow from her pen! I wish her all success!


One In A Million

The plant grew in all its glory
To spell its splendid story..

In baited breath it waited,
To see the bud bloom,
From its pinkish plume.

It sprung out - bright and red;
And cherrily said
“Mama I'm here, I'm here,
This garden is so cozy, so dear”
All too soon...

Tender hands reached down to pluck,
To take this flower
From its mother's bower.

“I want to stay- To stay”
mother had nothing to say
'stop! ' or 'Let go the strings? '
Cut the binding rings? ”

“Would you stay clinging, to my roots?
Or courageously start your ...

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To Be A Butterfly

I’m here. I scream, I shout.
No one, nobody hears me out.
I am shunned. Pushed. Stamped, & Throttled,
No one knows cares. I’m cobbled…

Why this pain? This Mistreatment!
Why I endure this beaten moment?
Oh WHY? ? ?

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