Rory Hudson

Biography of Rory Hudson

When I first popped out of my mum, I saw what the world was like and yelled out, 'Put me back! '. But the doctor just said, 'Shut up, you little brat! ' and gave me a slap on the bum. Hence I yelled even louder and threatened to sue him for child abuse. (As you see, I was precocious as a child, but don't worry, the precociousness left me some time ago.) Then I kicked him in the wotsits. This was a mistake, because he let out an almighty squawk and dropped me head first on the floor. I've been a bit of a misfit ever since.

I wrote poetry as a teenager, then the urge left me for many years. In late 2008 I had a brain seizure which was nearly fatal (although at least it did prove to the sceptics that I do still have a brain) , followed by a period of hospitalization. After I recovered I found poetry flowing out of me irresistibly.

I guess you might say that coming close to death has a way of focussing the attention. Updates

On The Housing Estate

On the housing estate
shadows of trees
fall silently.