Rory slevin

Rookie (23/9/90 / Northern Ireland)

Biography of Rory slevin

I have always enjoyed writing, grasping and developing my use of the English language and English literature. I dont know alot about poety but I do know about expressing passion and describing things for myself that allows anyone to see what can be instilled in the heart. Updates

Work As One

When I wake and you have gone I feel my heart fall
In to the place that once was you always is you but is meant for two
Life is short but oh so long it depends where you want it to belong

Those who live devoid of love will never know the true treasures of this life
Those who stare beyond this life say death is but a parting of the ways
But without you to guide me there I may be lost if your hand doesn't grasp in mine then my accomplishments will mean nothing with you I am anything


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