Rosa Mayfair

Rookie (a hospital (hahaha so funny, not))

Biography of Rosa Mayfair

Hi my name is Rosa, I come from Oxfod, i go to headington school, I have two sisters and I believe in a long prolonged derangement of the senses in order to achieve the unknow, and I like girls and guys too, Im soo greedy, lol

Rosa Mayfair's Works:

the imaginary one that doesnt exist Updates

How Long?

How long has it been since we met
I cant remember where or when
All I can recall is that you looked so tall
And the wind was blowing through your chestnut coloured hair

How long has it been since we met
Maybe it was two hundred years ago
Perhaps at a dance or on the streets of France
As we went looking for Verlaine and Rimbaud

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