Rosa Williams

Rookie (03/18/89 / Chicago, IL)

Rosa Williams Poems

1. Silenced 9/16/2005
2. What Would You Do 9/19/2005
3. The Cutter 9/19/2005
4. Drawning In A Puddle Full Of Tears 9/24/2005
5. The Reason 9/29/2005
6. Give In 10/29/2005
7. At The End 10/29/2005
8. Conference On The Toilet 2/12/2006
9. Tired Of Trying 2/12/2006
10. Life For Granted 3/15/2006
11. Not Myself 4/13/2006
12. Only You 6/9/2006
13. You Showed Me 6/9/2006
14. Broken Heart 10/6/2009
15. Til' The End Of Time 9/29/2005
16. To Late To Walk Away 10/2/2005
17. Hating Me 10/7/2005
18. So I Guess This Is Goodbye 10/8/2005
19. I Am Your Puppet 9/24/2005
20. Mama Do You Love Me 10/2/2005
21. Lost Love 9/17/2005
22. I'M Tired Of Being Played 10/29/2005
23. Suffering In Silence 9/17/2005
24. What You Get! ! ! 9/17/2005
25. Hard To Let Go 9/24/2005
26. Relationships 2/20/2006
27. Damn, My Soul 10/8/2005
28. Ah Daddy! ! ! 9/23/2005
29. A Suicidal Teen 9/23/2005
30. Losing Yourself 9/24/2005

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Best Poem of Rosa Williams

Losing Yourself

Here I stand all alone
Starring at the mirror
Looking into a face that will never show it's true features
Scared of everything that lingers in the wounds
Standing there looking back was a girl who was fool of acts
Knowone knew how she really felt
At times she almost fooled her self
She lost her self in a life full of lies
Hoping someday she could live her life

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What Would You Do

What would you do if you were me
Would you scream out from the top of your lungs,
if you were mad
Would you cry if you were sad
Would you except everyone for who they really are
Would you take a moment out of your day to say hello to someone you don't even no
Would you put yourself in ther shoes to see what makes them different from you
Would you learn how to love even though you hate
Would you bottle everything up inside or take it out on those who are on your side

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