Rose Bean

Biography of Rose Bean

My Name is Rose Mary. I am a Cross Country runner, its my life for now. i love to play/watch basketball. I am a pretty athletic person. So if you knew me i guess you could never see me as a writer. but its what i do, its how i straightin out my life. I've been writing since i was in 7th grade one day i just picked up a pen and went with how i felt. I've kept jurnals since.. there was a time where i stoped and didnt have the motvation to pick up a pen and do my thing, but once i found out what ive been missing, i havent stoped since. i feed off cridicizum(how ever you spell it) so leave me comments. i will definayly comment back. beacuse i like to check out what else is out there and how different other poets writing are than mine. Let me know what you think. Updates

It Will Never Be

Iv'e caved..
I have given up, you have weakened me.
I don't want to get up and have you see, me-
not like this.
Where you can see every bone in my body
where you can see straight threw my soul.
My very open, naked-soul.
That wasn't the goal.
The goal was to be together

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