Rose Falcone

Rookie (September 8,1959 / Brooklyn, New York)

Biography of Rose Falcone

Rose Falcone poet

From NY to Ft. Lauderdale to Tallahassee, FL and three beautiful children later, I'm still standing, heart healed with God's grace. Now they are grown and I'm going home again....just not sure where 'home' is...guess I will have to see where my heart lands. I've gone from high school teacher to mental health therapist, working trauma, substance abuse and eating disorders with mostly adolescent girls. Always a work in progress myself, I surrender, for I was never in control in the first place.

Please take the time to read if you will and let me know if something sparks your interest or touches you somehow. Updates

Life Begins Again

Pain resides in this heart of mine,
Your pain, my pain, the world’s pain.
I carry it all.
Years have passed.
I control, I worry, I toil.
I am weary.
I have allowed so much,
Fallen victim
To my own faults.
Change is growth.
Growth is pain.
Ache no more.
Life begins again

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