Rose Kirby

Biography of Rose Kirby

I'm just an ordinary person, I guess. I'm nothing special. I suppose I'm a bit of a mis-shape, to quote Pulp. I'm not very old, or very wise, but I try to write from the heart (except from 'Dancing' which is mostly imagination - I'm 13!) . I try to stick up for myself in written words to make up for me being so flipping quiet otherwise. Poetry and songwriting are what takes up most of my life. I'm originally from the North-west of England, but my family moved to the South-west of scotland when I was 10, so I'm now living in the middle of nowhere, for my sins. Updates

First Heartbreak (?)

There’s no way that I could jump straight out of what we had
I wasn’t just some teenage mutant ninja fad
You know I cared about the so called real love we had
It would still be there if you weren’t a scum-bag

And if you think I’m a snob,
How come you asked for a snog?
And if you hated me,
How come you dated me?

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