Rose Lu ( Bing Hua )

Rose Lu ( Bing Hua ) Poems

81. Drinking Coffee 2/21/2014
82. Snow-Like Longing- Written At Saint Valentine ’s Day 2/15/2014
83. The Star And The Sea 8/16/2013
84. That Summer 8/27/2013
85. Autumn Bride 9/2/2014
86. Near And Far 8/14/2013
87. Your Autumn Leaves, My Water 7/23/2013
88. Humor 11/16/2013
89. Step Onto Seashore 8/24/2013
90. A Fan 4/18/2013
91. Lover 7/5/2014
92. Waiting 8/23/2014
93. On The 7th Of July (The Chinese Valentine's Day) 7/5/2014
94. If I Were The Wind 6/25/2017
95. The Cost Of A Word 1/15/2017
96. The Story Of An Autumn Leaf 9/19/2014
97. Maple Leaves Are Red 10/6/2014
98. Forbidden Fruit 3/5/2014
99. Sometimes I Don'T Know Why 4/2/2013
100. My Poem For Susah 5/24/2013
101. Childhood Friendship 9/11/2013
102. The Hint Of June 7/6/2013
103. Midsummer Fallen Leaves 7/6/2014
104. Flourish And Fade 2/18/2014
105. Late Autumn Longing 8/16/2015
106. I Have Roses 3/19/2014
107. Girl In Moonlight 3/2/2014
108. I Want To Be A Bird 10/14/2017
109. The Seventeen's 7/24/2013

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Best Poem of Rose Lu ( Bing Hua )

The Seventeen's

The emerald-like innermost feeling of the yore
Spreads out at the deepest part of the soul  
Shimmering with dark-green light on the other bank of time

The maid wearing a pink skirt
With a confused heart
Often strolls on the bank-side grass
Yet she can never pass
Even with expectation and aspirations
The ivy-coated door

Daylight and starlight continually keep replacing each other
With tear drops gliding adown on the strings
Crystal clear, salty bitter, and still silent

The ever-lasting fair shadow of adolescence
Treads the lawn of life ...

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The Hint Of June

The blue sky is touching me, touching
And entering in my heart with the white clouds

The garden in June
Has new buds sprouting every night
And new flowers blossoming every morn

The mighty main in June
That holds the dreams of the sky

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