Rose Lu ( Bing Hua )

Rose Lu ( Bing Hua ) Poems

81. Drinking Coffee 2/21/2014
82. Snow-Like Longing- Written At Saint Valentine ’s Day 2/15/2014
83. The Star And The Sea 8/16/2013
84. That Summer 8/27/2013
85. Autumn Bride 9/2/2014
86. Near And Far 8/14/2013
87. Your Autumn Leaves, My Water 7/23/2013
88. Humor 11/16/2013
89. Step Onto Seashore 8/24/2013
90. A Fan 4/18/2013
91. Lover 7/5/2014
92. Waiting 8/23/2014
93. On The 7th Of July (The Chinese Valentine's Day) 7/5/2014
94. If I Were The Wind 6/25/2017
95. The Cost Of A Word 1/15/2017
96. The Story Of An Autumn Leaf 9/19/2014
97. Maple Leaves Are Red 10/6/2014
98. Forbidden Fruit 3/5/2014
99. Sometimes I Don'T Know Why 4/2/2013
100. My Poem For Susah 5/24/2013
101. Childhood Friendship 9/11/2013
102. The Hint Of June 7/6/2013
103. Midsummer Fallen Leaves 7/6/2014
104. Flourish And Fade 2/18/2014
105. Late Autumn Longing 8/16/2015
106. I Have Roses 3/19/2014
107. Girl In Moonlight 3/2/2014
108. I Want To Be A Bird 10/14/2017
109. The Seventeen's 7/24/2013

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The Seventeen's

The emerald-like innermost feeling of the yore
Spreads out at the deepest part of the soul  
Shimmering with dark-green light on the other bank of time

The maid wearing a pink skirt
With a confused heart
Often strolls on the bank-side grass
Yet she can never pass
Even with expectation and aspirations
The ivy-coated door

Daylight and starlight continually keep replacing each other
With tear drops gliding adown on the strings
Crystal clear, salty bitter, and still silent

The ever-lasting fair shadow of adolescence
Treads the lawn of life ...

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Bride Of Spring

I don’t know what kind of fan spring uses
to fan green the grass to fan red the flowers
I don’t know what kind of comb spring uses
to comb gardens and streets into beautiful sceneries

I only know in my garden
a splendid rose is blooming
at the most eye-catching spot
on the street a greeting float

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