rose nite

Rookie (8-5-1995 / San Antonio tx)

Biography of rose nite

Hi my name is really Christina ashley Countryman. but i use my nick name which is rose nite. i go to kenndy high school as a freshman, im in their jrotc, and i aslo go to the edgewoods fine arts acdamey for musical theory and jazz dance. im 16 years old. i live with my mom, stepdad, sister and brother and my stepdads grandmother. my passion is writing poems or writing songs. i play the panio and guitar as well. im a beginner at both. i aslo sing. i started writing poems this year. when i write poems it helps me realse the strees or its just something to do for fun. i also love to read. im a very open person but it takes time to understand the way i think an feel. my best friend is jonpaul zamora (aka jp) . hes been there for me since the day that we met. hes my squad leader and my sergreant in my rotc class. i have many more friends but i really dont get to talk to them as much. my life is a little complaited but i manage. well i guess thats most of the things thats i should tell.

rose nite's Works:

i dont really think that ve published any books but i think the peoms that i writen count. Updates


Is this life? Is this really how i can surive this hell of a life? Isnt there away that we can just try and decide........ decide something thats gonna make since in our life's? cant this fight be over cant this be the end of what happen from the begin? i cant tell you how bad this really kills me just to see you hurting, i wish that i could take i

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