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41. I Buried My Life In A Casket! 1/12/2012
42. Love 1/13/2012
43. This 'Rose' Will Be Ever Beautiful! 1/12/2012
44. My Name Is 'Rose' 1/12/2012
45. I'M Living A Life Rather Than A Slave 1/12/2012
46. Two Face In One Neck! 1/12/2012
47. I'M Such A Girl That You Cannot Understand Me! 1/12/2012
48. I Die In The Hands Of Him! 1/12/2012
49. Cubicle 1/13/2012
50. I'M The Taste Of Dislike 1/13/2012
51. Neither Weep Nor Sigh 1/13/2012
52. Sky Of Eternity 1/13/2012
53. Oh, Rose You'Re Not Alone 1/13/2012
54. Truth And Lie 1/13/2012
55. Perfection 1/13/2012
56. Will You Sing A Song For Me? 1/13/2012
57. Bury Me Here 1/13/2012
58. Life...... 1/14/2012
59. Lend A Helping Hand 1/14/2012
60. Surrender Not, 1/14/2012
61. Cardinal Sign 1/14/2012
62. No Life To Live Again 1/14/2012
63. Do Consider As Unvaluable, If You Need Peace! 1/14/2012
64. Stupid Cupids! ! ! ! 1/14/2012
65. Come And Save Me! ! 1/14/2012
66. My Night's Lamentation... 1/14/2012
67. Wasn'T I.....? 1/15/2012
68. Lamp Of Love 1/15/2012
69. Unfinished Story Of Life 1/15/2012
70. A Burning Life 1/17/2012
71. Unknown 1/25/2012
72. Faded Life 1/25/2012
73. Colour Me Not, 1/25/2012
74. I'M Not Pleasant Enough, Yet I Love You... 1/25/2012
75. Feathers As Petals 1/13/2012
76. Am I Romantic Or Am I Not? 1/30/2012
77. We Are Far Away From Us 1/30/2012
78. Was That You My Dear? 1/31/2012
79. This Long Separation 1/31/2012
80. Good Bye 2/1/2012

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Best Poem of Rose Rose

I'M An Orphan

Here I'm an orphan in this world
And so have I much to remember
Those who have no-one in this world,
would have a lot of memories to remember
You can never read the whole story of our life,
Our life will be an illusion before your eyes
So will not get any assurance from you..
This's the saddest story of all orphans
You can only argue with us all the time
Nor can love us as your sister or brother
Some show sympathy on our life
But sympathy is not love nor a promise too.
We will wander through roads holding all the epidemic friends
Some may get an asylum ...

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Will You Love Me?

This night is so desperate
like my woeful heart
Oh, this lonliness killing me alive
But it's so hard to get true love
From the one we love
But, I wish I had a lover
A lover with bright eyes
A lover with pure heart,
To think of me all the time

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