Rose Wilder

Rookie [Shila Whitewolf] (May 16,1996 / Atlanta, Georgia)

Biography of Rose Wilder

I lived in Atlanta for nine years before moving to the Middle East because of my family's work. Don't worry, it's a (relatively) safe country. Because of this move, I travel a lot. My family has been to places in the Middle East such as the UAE and Jordan. We have also been to European countries like Switzerland and Italy. We live by the seaside- not really a big plus here because of the pollution. I live with my parents and younger brother. I enjoy writing novels, though I have none published, and drawing. I play the piano and usually write poetry on the spur of the moment. Robert Frost is one of my favorite poets. I love animals! Although I lived with several dogs and a cat for a while, I currently have no pets. I would love to help animals in any way, especially where I live now, where they are treated horribly.

Rose Wilder's Works:

I have no published books, but I have written and am revising five books about warrior cats, as well as a novel about a dragon trainer. I am in the process of writing a fiction book about wolves. I have also written many short stories. Updates

Song Of The Wolves

Hunters of the Dusk,
Shadows of the Night,
Afraid of neither fox nor bear,
With silver fang we fight.

Bane of deer and elk,
Caribou and hare,
Stealthy stalkers in the brush,
We are everywhere.

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