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Rosi Caswell Poems

41. Peanuts And Promises 10/28/2012
42. Legacy Of Addiction 11/25/2012
43. Lady Of The Dawn 12/2/2012
44. The Snowman 12/9/2012
45. Christmas Time 12/16/2012
46. Yew 12/23/2012
47. The Gift Of Awareness 12/30/2012
48. The Children 1/6/2013
49. All Seeing 1/13/2013
50. Haunting Energies 1/14/2013
51. The Language Of The Universe 3/17/2013
52. Soldier Of My Dreams 3/25/2013
53. The Drivers Code 4/1/2013
54. Ones Own House 4/7/2013
55. The Leader 4/14/2013
56. The Wind 4/28/2013
57. Leopard Spots 11/11/2013
58. Completion 12/1/2013
59. Madiba Wisdom 12/6/2013
60. I Am A Traveller 6/22/2014
61. Wigga Is Here 2/9/2013
62. Through The Clouds 2/9/2013
63. A Voice For The Voiceless 2/17/2013
64. As We Teach We Learn 11/11/2012
65. I Want To Come Home 11/18/2012
66. My Eagle Healers 2/23/2013
67. Courage 1/14/2013
68. Trudging Through The Snow 1/20/2013
69. Remember Me Remember Me 1/27/2013
70. The Male Menopause 8/3/2012
71. I Dare Not 8/3/2012
72. The Matriarchs 7/28/2012
73. Til The Roses Bloom 7/28/2012
74. Forget You Ne'Er I Will 7/28/2012
75. Earth Mother Wolf 7/24/2012
76. Vicar's Coming To Tea 7/24/2012
77. You Said 7/24/2012
78. The Mighty Power Of The Pen 7/24/2012
79. Judge Not 7/24/2012
80. Mysterious Lady 11/4/2012

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The Welsh Dragon

Beware the Welsh dragon,

He huffs and he puffs,

And he scares all the children at night.

For the tales of his antics

They trip off the tongue,

Of the elders who have to be right.

He rattles and roars, and wants to come in,

And sit by the fire with your Ma.

He shrieks and he squeals, makes a terrible din,

‘Til you shake in your slippers with fright.

But then comes the morning so sunny and gay,

And the terrors have passed with the light.

And whatever will happen today or the next,

The elders have ...

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Child Of The Future

What can I give you child of the future,
Child of the Universe grand?
Only my wisdom, calmness and peace,
Through years of making a stand.
To you who hold the world for us all.
Your beauty to shine through the land.
With such warmth and devotion and love for this life,
I offer to you just my hand.
Oh child of the future how soundly you sleep.

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