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Biography of Rosie Bourget


Rosie Bourget was born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. As a child, she disliked writing. Nevertheless, life took a turn and writing unexpectedly became her oasis after her daughter was involved in a deadly car accident on a major US highway. The possibility of her losing her daughter a month before her high school graduation in 2007 caused her a lot of frustration and pain and she looked upon writing has her source of relief.

“A Rose In Full Bloom” is the poet’s second release but is far from being a trial run for her poetry. The great-granddaughter of the French writer, poet and novelist Paul Bourget, Nobel Prize for Literature, member of the French Academy and decorated Grand Officer of the Legion of Honor Academy, seems to carry the legacy of her great-grandfather. Paul Bourget was also the author of " Crime of Love" , " The Devil at Noon" and other bestselling novels, essays and poetry of high intensity.

Rosie attended grammar and high school in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She graduated cum laude from Florida Atlantic University (FAU) in 2009, with a bachelor’s degree in Social Work. She received her master’s with honors in the same field from Barry University. Strong character but deeply sentimental, Rosie is a maniac of principles in the art of doing well. Her poems reflect her penchant for the quest of a better world. Her poems are her melancholy, her cries of bitterness, her tears and also her weaknesses.

After a brief stint as an outpatient therapist at the Chrysalis Mental Health, Rosie became a writer for The Weekly Politico-Cultural “Haiti Observateur”, a Haitian Newspaper. She produces her own section called “Personal Development, " a kind of commentary that students can use as a reference in preparing their thesis output. She later became a contributing writer for Additionally, she has written articles for Perspective Magazine and other publications as well.

With " A Rose In Full Bloom, " Rosie Bourget enters the main gate of immortality. She gives us through her poems and love songs her " little secrets" with a rare delicacy. The themes presented are simple, but yet controversial since Rosie does not mince words when it comes to describing a scene or telling its reality.

Rosie has two children, Sabine and Sarah. She uses writing not to impress others, however to express her emotions and feelings. With so many poems dealing with a spicy flavor theme, Rosie Bourget made a dramatic entry into the field of “belles lettres” and claims her place among the nobles. Besides writing, Rosie is fluent in French, English and Haitian Creole, and her future collections in these two languages are in progress. The author of “A Rose In Full Bloom” will indeed prove that the noble French writer Paul Bourget would have shorted the cycle of reincarnation through his great granddaughter, Rosie.

Marilyn Guirand, M.Ed.

Rosie Bourget's Works:

Floraison, A Rose in Full Bloom, Istwa Kreyol Updates

La Première Fois

La première fois que je t'ai vu
Je n'aurais jamais cru
Que c'était toi
De toute bonne foi
Qui saurais me faire renaitre
Et retrouver mon être.

Sans toi, mes lèvres n'ont plus de saveur
Tu donnes espoir à ma vie morose

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