Rosie Bourget

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Rosie Bourget Quotes

  • ''"Self-motivation requires enthusiasm, a positive outlook, a positive physiology, and a belief in yourself and your God-given potential." Rosie Bourget''
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  • ''"So many of us smile just to make others believe that everything is all right, while crying inside." Rosie Bourget''
  • ''"It is insane to think that you can change people. Unfortunately, you cannot change anyone else, not even your own children, you can only change yourself." Rosie Bourget''
  • ''"You are unique in your own way. Never lower your standards to associate yourself with individuals who do not value your potential." Rosie Bourget''
  • ''"You and I can look at each other across the street and know what the other is thinking. When you smile, I on the other hand laugh and cry at the same time." Rosie Bourget''
    laughing and crying
  • ''"I understand that everything is about common sense. However, if sense were so common everybody would have it. "Rosie Bourget''
    common sense
  • ''"Ever since I got rid of the poisonous snakes that I was surrounded by, I glow like a "Rose" In Full Bloom." Rosie Bourget''
    moving forward
  • ''"If we keep on looking behind we will forever remain behind." Rosie Bourget''
    moving forward
  • ''"Life is not sold on department stores' display; it is a gift to be used every day. Get out and live it each hour of the day, Wear it and use it as much as you may." Rosie Bourget''
  • ''"It's so hard to deal with hypocrites and traders that the virtual world put on our way." Rosie Bourget''

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Best Poem of Rosie Bourget

The First Time

Remember the time
We met for the first time
We were in our teens,
Probably nineteen!

Our feelings were divine
Said my sister Nadine
Then, a horrid accident happened
Which cut you open!

Left you dying-to-dead
And made me sick in my head
But now after a few years,
It seems like I'm still in tears!

There is not a second that goes by
I don't feel you passing by
That I don't think about you,
Wish to be close to you!

Whispering sweet words
These simple but truthful words,
In your so lovely ears, ...

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La Première Fois

La première fois que je t'ai vu
Je n'aurais jamais cru
Que c'était toi
De toute bonne foi
Qui saurais me faire renaitre
Et retrouver mon être.

Sans toi, mes lèvres n'ont plus de saveur
Tu donnes espoir à ma vie morose

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