Roxie Miller

Rookie (september 15,1993 / Elimra)

Biography of Roxie Miller

hey not sure wat it means i can be blonde at times but i'll take a wing at it, i like to write and listen to music, and draw(though i'm not that good) i have friends who love me and would do ne-thing for me as i for them. i couldn't let them down if i tried, they love how i write. my family thinks i'm a little weird(dark as they put it but i think its the same thing) they love me but they don't really get me. i'm not against the world just the pple in it. i like who i am and wouldn't change that for ne-one, i can be a little insecure but i won't show it, like i said before i like who i am and won't change. its who i am and if u've got a problem with it then don't talk to me

Roxie Miller's Works:

i don't have ne-books but i'm workin on it Updates

What Happened

What happened to me,
when did i change,
when did i become what
i never thought i could be,
i can't go back to what i once was,
i pick up the blade every time i come
to that realization,

the pain is great it makes me forget

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