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41. Today... 'Greater Than Abraham' 3/16/2012
42. Today... 'Greater Than Jacob' 3/16/2012
43. Today... 'Greater Than Jonah' 3/16/2012
44. Today... 'The First And Last' 3/9/2012
45. Today... 'The Captain Of Salvation' 3/24/2012
46. Today... 'The Most Excellent Of Men' 3/27/2012
47. Today... 'God Manifest In The Flesh' 3/31/2012
48. Today... 'Despised And Rejected Of Men' 4/2/2012
49. Today... 'Christ Our Hope' 4/3/2012
50. Today... 'The Bright And Morning Star' 4/6/2012
51. Today... 'My Hiding Place From The Wind' 4/12/2012
52. Today... 'The Covert From The Tempest' 4/14/2012
53. Today... 'The Captain Of The Lord's Hosts' 4/15/2012
54. Today... 'The Branch Of Righteousness' 4/16/2012
55. Today... 'Buckler To All Them That Trust In Him' 4/17/2012
56. Today... 'The Chief Cornerstone' 4/18/2012
57. Today... 'The Coming One ' 4/19/2012
58. Today... 'The Elect One' 4/27/2012
59. Today... 'Belovèd Son' 4/29/2012
60. Today... 'The Boy Jesus' 4/30/2012
61. Today... 'The One To Be Feared' 5/2/2012
62. Today... 'Christ Jesus' 5/3/2012
63. Today... 'The Earnest Of Our Inheritance ' 5/3/2012
64. Today... 'The Counsellor' 4/23/2012
65. Today... 'The Christ' 4/24/2012
66. Today... 'The Consolation Of Israel' 4/25/2012
67. Today... 'Greater Than Solomon' 4/25/2012
68. Today... 'The Confidence Of All The Ends Of The Earth' 4/20/2012
69. Today... 'David' 4/22/2012
70. Today... 'Christ The Lord' 5/7/2012
71. Today... 'The Firstborn Over All Creation' 5/9/2012
72. Today... 'Heir Of All Things' 5/10/2012
73. Today... 'The Child Jesus' 5/11/2012
74. Today... 'God Our Saviour' 5/12/2012
75. Today... 'The Daysman' 5/13/2012
76. Today... 'Anointed Of The Lord' 5/14/2012
77. Today... 'Brother Of His Disciples' 5/15/2012
78. Today... 'Our Passover Lamb' 5/16/2012
79. Today... 'Rabboni' 5/17/2012
80. Today... 'Foundation Laid In Zion' 5/18/2012

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Best Poem of Roy Allen

Today... 'The Lamb Of God'

“Behold, The Lamb of God is passing by.”
“Follow Him, ” was John the Baptist’s cry.
For He’ll take away all of this world’s sin
and open heaven’s door to let us in.

As a lamb to the slaughter He was led
pouring out His precious blood so red.
For only He could pay that awful price
and atone for sin by His sacrifice.

Stricken and smitten of His God was He
for my transgressions and iniquity.
There lash by lash my penalty He paid
when upon the alter the Lamb was laid.

Before heaven’s throne the Lamb of God stands
the wounds of the cross in His ...

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Today... 'The Amen'

We end our prayers by saying Amen.
It is our hearts response again and again.
You are the answer to all that we bring to God
for the life of prayer was the path You trod.

'Amen. So let it be' our spirit cries as we rejoice.
Speak Lord for today we need to hear Your voice
and obey the commands we see in the Book of Life
keeping close to You avoiding schisms and strife.

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