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81. Today... 'The Branch Of The Root Of Jesse' 5/19/2012
82. Today... 'The Creator Of Heaven And Earth' 5/20/2012
83. Today... 'The Express Image Of The Person Of God 5/21/2012
84. Today... 'The Fountain' 5/22/2012
85. Today... 'The Faithful Witness' 5/23/2012
86. Today... 'The Dayspring From On High' 5/26/2012
87. Today... 'The Eternal God' 5/27/2012
88. Today... 'Bread' 5/28/2012
89. Today... 'The Firstfruits' 5/30/2012
90. Today... 'Friend' 6/2/2012
91. Today... 'The Door' 6/1/2012
92. Today... 'Ensign For Nations' 6/3/2012
93. Today... 'The Branch Of The Lord' 6/4/2012
94. Today... 'The God Of All Comfort ' 6/6/2012
95. Today... 'The Forerunner' 6/7/2012
96. Today... 'My Shepherd' 6/8/2012
97. Today... 'Living Bread' 6/10/2012
98. Today... 'Wonderful' 6/11/2012
99. Today... 'Lilly Of The Valleys' 6/16/2012
100. Today... 'He Who Is True' 6/17/2012
101. Today... 'Bread Of God' 6/19/2012
102. Today... 'Dear Son' 6/21/2012
103. Today... 'The Elect' 6/22/2012
104. Today... 'Fortress' 6/24/2012
105. Today... 'Gift Of God' 6/13/2012
106. Today... 'The Branch' 6/27/2012
107. Today... 'Desired Of All Nations' 7/14/2012
108. Today... 'The Father Of Lights' 7/16/2012
109. Today... 'The Eternal Spirit' 7/17/2012
110. Today... 'Firstborn Over All Creation' 7/22/2012
111. Today... 'The Glory Of The Lord' 7/25/2012
112. Today... 'The Covenant Of The People' 7/24/2012
113. Today... 'The Glory Of Their Strength' 7/31/2012
114. Today... 'The Word' 8/1/2012
115. Today... 'The Fellow Of The Lord Of Hosts' 8/4/2012
116. Today... 'The Holy One' 8/5/2012
117. Today... 'He Who Inhabits Eternity' 8/6/2012
118. Today... 'The Nazarene' 8/9/2012
119. Today... 'Jesus Christ The Nazarene' 8/10/2012
120. Today... 'God Of Gods' 8/12/2012

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Best Poem of Roy Allen

Today... 'the Bread Of Life'

'I am the Living Bread.'
'Eat of me and live', He said
'Manna from heaven on high
only He can fully satisfy.'

'Come to Me and believe
and everlasting life receive.'
'Hunger and thirst no more
and be satisfied for evermore.'


Lord, Your life you have given
and all who eat are forgiven.
Oh may the world taste and see
and never be hungry and thirsty.

For The Heavenly Living Bread
entered the realms of the dead.
Took our sins down to the grave
and rose again with power to save.

You are the Bread of Life, my Lord
I've ...

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Today... 'almighty God'.

Jehovah is the Almighty God of heaven
and worthy to be worshipped and feared by all men.
The Creator of the heavens and earth is He
and Author of our Salvation and destiny.

From everlasting to everlasting reigning from high
All Knowing He watches with His all seeing eye.
For there is no place that His presence is not known
this all powerful God seated on heavens throne.

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