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121. Today... 'The Firstborn Among Many Brothers' 8/14/2012
122. Today... 'The Giver Of Every Good And Perfect Gift' 6/30/2012
123. Today... 'Glorious Lord' 7/1/2012
124. Today... 'Father Of Mercies' 7/2/2012
125. Today... 'Light' 7/8/2012
126. Today... 'The Ensign Of The People' 8/17/2012
127. Today... 'The Godhead' 8/19/2012
128. Today... 'Faithful Creator' 8/25/2012
129. Today... 'The Father Of Glory 8/26/2012
130. Today... 'Father God' 8/27/2012
131. Today... 'God Almighty' 9/16/2012
132. Today... 'Holy Servant' 9/23/2012
133. Today... 'Jesus Of Nazareth' 9/27/2012
134. Today... 'The King' 9/29/2012
135. Today... 'Horn Of Salvation' 9/30/2012
136. Today... 'Jesus The Christ' 9/30/2012
137. Today... 'Jesus Christ' 10/7/2012
138. Today... 'Father To Israel' 10/14/2012
139. Today... 'i Am' 10/17/2012
140. Today... 'Glorious Throne To His Father's House' 11/4/2012
141. Today... 'The Defender Of Widows' 11/24/2012
142. Today... 'The Creator Of Israel' 12/2/2012
143. Today... 'The Friend Of Those Who Do His Will' 7/10/2012
144. Today... 'The Last Adam' 12/17/2012
145. Today... 'The Holy One Of Israel' 1/6/2013
146. Today... 'The King Of Salem' 2/24/2013
147. Today... 'Judge' 3/5/2013
148. Today... 'The God Who Formed You' 3/13/2013
149. Today... 'The God Who Raises The Dead' 3/13/2013
150. Today... 'The God Of All Flesh' 3/14/2013
151. Today... 'The One Anointed Above His Fellows' 3/21/2013
152. Today... 'He Who Comes From Heaven' 3/24/2013
153. Today... 'Father Of Our Spirits' 3/26/2013
154. Today... 'The Judge Of Israel' 4/13/2013
155. Today... 'Jehovah, The God Who Gives Breath To All Living Things' 4/19/2013
156. Today... 'The God And Father Of All' 5/3/2013
157. Today... 'The God Who Always Leads Us In Triumph' 5/4/2013
158. Today... 'The God Ready To Pardon' 5/4/2013
159. Today... 'The God Of My Salvation' 5/3/2013
160. Today... 'The God Who Holds My Breath In His Hand' 5/4/2013

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Today... 'The Lamb Of God'

“Behold, The Lamb of God is passing by.”
“Follow Him, ” was John the Baptist’s cry.
For He’ll take away all of this world’s sin
and open heaven’s door to let us in.

As a lamb to the slaughter He was led
pouring out His precious blood so red.
For only He could pay that awful price
and atone for sin by His sacrifice.

Stricken and smitten of His God was He
for my transgressions and iniquity.
There lash by lash my penalty He paid
when upon the alter the Lamb was laid.

Before heaven’s throne the Lamb of God stands
the wounds of the cross in His ...

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Today... 'The Almighty'

Petrified in the boat they were panicking
as the waves of the sea came cascading in.
Then Lord You rose and commanded the sea
'Be still, ' You said with great authority.

'What manner of man is this' they cried
amazed as they saw the wind and sea subside.
The storm was quelled and the wind did cease
The Almighty obeyed, they were left in peace.

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