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161. Today... 'The God Who Comforts The Downcast' 5/4/2013
162. Today... 'The Great Light' 5/12/2013
163. Today... 'God Blessed Forever' 12/12/2012
164. Today... 'God Only Wise' 4/17/2013
165. Today... 'God Of The Armies Of Israel' 4/15/2013
166. Today... 'The Lamb' 4/4/2013
167. Today... 'The Word Of Life' 6/7/2015
168. Life Born Of Love 4/23/2017
169. A Cluster Of Henna And Camphire Is He 4/24/2017
170. Abba 4/24/2017
171. Abraham's Seed 4/25/2017
172. Advocate 4/25/2017
173. All In All 4/27/2017
174. The Lion Of The Tribe Of Judah 5/2/2017
175. The Day Star 5/11/2017
176. Fragrant Offering 5/29/2017
177. God Is Always There. 12/10/2017
178. Today... 'He Who Formed Me In The Womb' 4/5/2013
179. Today... 'The God Of Peace' 5/3/2013
180. Today... 'The God Of All Grace' 3/28/2013
181. Today... 'Everlasting Father' 10/28/2012
182. Today... 'The Resurrection And The Life' 3/4/2013
183. Today... 'God Alone' 7/27/2012
184. Today... 'The Glory Of Israel' 7/30/2012
185. Today... 'Wisdom' 6/29/2012
186. Today... 'Fortress Of Salvation For His Anointed One' 6/15/2012
187. Today... 'Fountain Of Living Waters' 6/25/2012
188. Today... 'The Firstborn Of Every Creature' 5/25/2012
189. Today... 'Child' 5/4/2012
190. Today... 'Christ The King Of Israel' 4/7/2012
191. Today... 'The Crown Of Glory' 3/29/2012
192. Today... 'Everlasting God' 3/22/2012
193. Today... 'The Arm Of The Lord' 3/16/2012
194. Today... 'Architect And Builder' 2/27/2012
195. Today... 'Angel Of God's Presence' 2/25/2012
196. Today... 'The Alpha And Omega' 2/24/2012
197. Today... 'Belovèd' 3/25/2012
198. Today... 'The Comforter' 4/21/2012
199. Today... 'Author Of Eternal Salvation' 5/5/2012
200. Today... 'Consuming Fire' 4/22/2012

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Today... 'The Lamb Of God'

“Behold, The Lamb of God is passing by.”
“Follow Him, ” was John the Baptist’s cry.
For He’ll take away all of this world’s sin
and open heaven’s door to let us in.

As a lamb to the slaughter He was led
pouring out His precious blood so red.
For only He could pay that awful price
and atone for sin by His sacrifice.

Stricken and smitten of His God was He
for my transgressions and iniquity.
There lash by lash my penalty He paid
when upon the alter the Lamb was laid.

Before heaven’s throne the Lamb of God stands
the wounds of the cross in His ...

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Today... 'The Carpenter'

Joseph the carpenter's Adopted One
born to his family as Mary's son.
In Nazareth with skill the yokes You made
working hard to learn Your carpenting trade.

Master craftsman and skilled worker of wood
lived there the meek and lowly Son of God.
They took offence thinking You just to be
Mary's son living with them locally.

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