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201. Today... 'The Comforter' 4/21/2012
202. Today... 'Friend Of Publicans And Sinners' 4/5/2012
203. Today... 'The Everlasting King' 8/15/2012
204. Today... 'God's Dear Son' 9/9/2012
205. Today... 'The King Of Kings' 12/17/2012
206. Today... 'The King Of Glory' 4/2/2013
207. Today... 'Mighty God' 3/3/2013
208. Today... 'God Who Answers By Fire' 5/13/2013
209. Today... 'Man Of Sorrows' 6/12/2012
210. Today... 'The Head Of The Church' 7/11/2012
211. Today... 'The Carpenters Son' 2/24/2012
212. Today... 'The Great High Priest' 3/23/2012
213. Today... 'Christ Jesus Our Lord' 3/28/2012
214. Today... 'The Bridegroom' 3/9/2012
215. Today... 'Blessing For All Nations' 3/26/2012
216. Today... 'The Grain Of Wheat' 4/7/2013
217. Today... 'The Everlasting Light' 4/13/2012
218. Today... 'The Christ Of God' 3/11/2012
219. Today... 'God's Fellow' 7/9/2012
220. Today... 'The Glory Of Your People Israel' 12/8/2012
221. Today... 'Leader' 6/23/2013
222. Today... 'Father To The Fatherless' 9/8/2012
223. Today... 'Christ Our Passover Lamb' 4/4/2012
224. Today... 'the Rose Of Sharon' 3/3/2013
225. Today... 'Jehovah, The God Of Humankind' 5/24/2012
226. Today... 'The Chosen One' 3/18/2012
227. Today... 'God My Maker' 6/9/2012
228. Today... 'faithful God' 6/6/2012
229. Today... 'Beginning Of The Creation Of God' 3/5/2012
230. Today... 'Eternal Life' 3/5/2012
231. Today... 'The Good Shepherd' 4/10/2012
232. Today... 'the Bread Of Life' 4/1/2012
233. Today... 'The Brightness Of The Father's Glory' 3/10/2012
234. Today... 'Hope' 3/14/2013
235. Today... 'The Cornerstone' 5/8/2012
236. Today... 'The Lamb Of God' 4/3/2013

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Today... 'The Lamb Of God'

“Behold, The Lamb of God is passing by.”
“Follow Him, ” was John the Baptist’s cry.
For He’ll take away all of this world’s sin
and open heaven’s door to let us in.

As a lamb to the slaughter He was led
pouring out His precious blood so red.
For only He could pay that awful price
and atone for sin by His sacrifice.

Stricken and smitten of His God was He
for my transgressions and iniquity.
There lash by lash my penalty He paid
when upon the alter the Lamb was laid.

Before heaven’s throne the Lamb of God stands
the wounds of the cross in His ...

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God Is Always There.

Through the good days
and through the bad days
God is always there.

For all our gladness's
and all our sadness's
are covered by His care.

"I will never forsake you,
and I will never leave you, "
is His promise so divine.

And there shall not be a day
that will come my way
when He is never mine.

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