Royalness Troy Turner

Rookie (January 11th 1957 / Born of royal birth in Canada North America)

Biography of Royalness Troy Turner

I was born Royal Child King Of England Jesus-Troyius Turner. Troy is a shortened form of my first name. I am a Canadian citizen. My wife is Queen Of England In The England Community Of CANADA North America. Her titles and names are Queen Royalty Patrenia Turner. I am ususally called Keeng Royalness Troy Turner. At this writing, I am in the position of The Acting Keeng Of England In the England Community Of CANADA North America at zip code N6A 1A6. At this writing I am waiting to be recognized by the mass media. Thank you for giving me and my wife these numerous opportunities to make ourselves known to you and to others in the poetry professions. I am respectfully and truthfully, KEENG ROYALTNESS TROY TURNER Updates

When There Are Liars

When all around us
There are the liars
Who have lies and curses
Against the two of us
Royalness Troy and Royalty Patrenias
Come quickly to escape with trust
And love and goodness
For the both of us
Written By: Royalness Troy Turner,
Keeng Of England In Canada North America

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