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Royston Allen Poems

121. Always A Mother 3/30/2014
122. We’ve Lost The Baby Or So We Thought 4/3/2014
123. The Light Of The World Went Out 4/18/2014
124. The Great I Am 5/19/2014
125. The Good That I Would I Do Not 5/28/2014
126. Simply Love Her 5/28/2014
127. Blow, Spirit, Blow 6/13/2014
128. Only Love Is The Answer 7/7/2014
129. A Flower By God's Grace 7/20/2014
130. When The Wine Runs Out 7/20/2014
131. Wounded For Me 7/26/2014
132. He Crossed All Boundaries 8/17/2014
133. Stop 8/24/2014
134. Beyond The Deepest Darkness 8/25/2014
135. 'What Manner Of Man Is This They All Cried. 9/19/2014
136. Jesus Saw In Me What Others Failed To See 9/19/2014
137. We Are What We Believe 9/28/2014
138. I Believe 9/28/2014
139. The Empty Shoebox 9/29/2014
140. Trusting In His Promises 11/3/2014
141. An Ode To A Skylark 1/22/2015
142. Death No Longer Has A Hold On Me 2/2/2015
143. I Dressed Differently Today 2/7/2015
144. I Heard Your Cry As You First Breathed Air 2/7/2015
145. I Don'T Know What He Saw In Me 2/7/2015
146. I Cannot Stay A Baby 2/7/2015
147. I Said, 'see You In The Hospital My Dear' 2/8/2015
148. If You Are Willing Lord 2/9/2015
149. Immanuel 2/9/2015
150. I'M A Bad Poet 2/9/2015
151. Holding On To The Moment 2/15/2015
152. It Was The Woman! ! ! ! ! ! ! 2/17/2015
153. It's Not About The Body 2/17/2015
154. It's Won'T Power That I Need 2/18/2015
155. Just As I Am 2/19/2015
156. Legion 2/20/2015
157. Lest We Forget 2/20/2015
158. Love Always Forgives 2/21/2015
159. Love Blossoms As It Grows 2/22/2015
160. Love Is 2/22/2015
Best Poem of Royston Allen


Freedom to give
Freedom to live
Freedom to question why

Freedom to walk
Freedom to talk
Freedom to live or to die

Freedom to sing
Freedom to swing
Freedom to just walk on by

Freedom to speak
Freedom to seek
Freedom to laugh or to cry

Freedom to work
Freedom to shirk
Freedom to save or to buy

Freedom to please
Freedom to tease
Freedom to smile or to sigh

Freedom to be
Freedom to see
Freedom to aspire so high

Freedom to touch
Freedom to clutch
Freedom to grant or deny

Freedom that's ...

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The Storms Of Life

Sometimes sad things happen in our life
they flare up suddenly and cause us strife.
The barriers that we put up against the flow
break down in floods of tears and sorrow.

Troubles fall like raindrops pelting down
welling into a flood in which we might drown.
We do our utmost to cope with the strain
but so many hurts cause our soul much pain.

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