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241. 'Twas Earth, The Cradle Of The Human Race 12/18/2016
242. Love's First Sweet Moment 12/22/2016
243. He Wore His Gospel Shoes Today 1/15/2017
244. Broken And Outpoured 1/19/2017
245. Candlemas - The Lord Of The Temple 1/29/2017
246. My Lovely Wife And Valentine 2/2/2017
247. Christ Rejoices 2/2/2017
248. The Priestly Blessing 2/8/2017
249. Where The Rubber Hits The Road 2/24/2017
250. Victory 2/25/2017
251. He Came And Washed My Feet So Tenderly. 4/8/2017
252. All Was Quiet, Like The Lull Before A Storm. 4/13/2017
253. Between Good Friday And Easter Sunday 4/15/2017
254. My Spirit's Willing But My Flesh Is Weak 4/15/2017
255. Death Is Dead Because Jesus Is Alive! 4/16/2017
256. We Too Like Thomas Have Our Doubts 4/23/2017
257. The Promised One 5/22/2017
258. At The End Of The Day 5/22/2017
259. I Have Never Known Love Like This Before 5/25/2017
260. Fragmented Christ 6/21/2017
261. The Gates Of Heaven Were Swung Open Wide 8/16/2017
262. The Spirit Moved Amongst Us Yesterday 9/4/2017
263. I Want Eternal Life So I Have Come To You 10/19/2017
264. I Stand Forgiven And I've Been Set Free 10/29/2017
265. The Reformation - No Need For Indulgences 11/1/2017
266. Fish And Chips Down At The Seaside 11/2/2017
267. When Our Leaders Let Us Down 11/5/2017
268. Through Good Days And Through Bad Days 11/9/2017
269. The Unknown Soldier 11/12/2017
270. It Was My Turn To Cook Today 12/3/2017
271. I Looked To You 12/3/2017
272. Did Death Really Win The Victory? 3/18/2015
273. What I Need Is The Real Thing 3/18/2015
274. God’s Arithmetic 3/19/2015
275. Sad Sadducees 3/26/2015
276. Schizophrenic Man 3/27/2015
277. She Proved Her Love Without Saying A Word 3/27/2015
278. The Four Different Soils 6/19/2015
279. The Sound Of Silence 6/19/2015
280. We Cried At The Crem 6/19/2015

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  • Sj Holland Sj Holland (6/4/2013 6:29:00 AM)

    Nice to find a poet, during my first week of learning the site, writing about the things of God. Look forward to reading more of your work as I can find time.

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Best Poem of Royston Allen


Freedom to give
Freedom to live
Freedom to question why

Freedom to walk
Freedom to talk
Freedom to live or to die

Freedom to sing
Freedom to swing
Freedom to just walk on by

Freedom to speak
Freedom to seek
Freedom to laugh or to cry

Freedom to work
Freedom to shirk
Freedom to save or to buy

Freedom to please
Freedom to tease
Freedom to smile or to sigh

Freedom to be
Freedom to see
Freedom to aspire so high

Freedom to touch
Freedom to clutch
Freedom to grant or deny

Freedom that's ...

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The Storms Of Life

Sometimes sad things happen in our life
they flare up suddenly and cause us strife.
The barriers that we put up against the flow
break down in floods of tears and sorrow.

Troubles fall like raindrops pelting down
welling into a flood in which we might drown.
We do our utmost to cope with the strain
but so many hurts cause our soul much pain.

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