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281. At The Dawning Of Each Morning 11/9/2015
282. I Am, Always Was And Will Ever Be 11/11/2015
283. Into The Presence Of Our Holy God 11/15/2015
284. Have A Wonderful Christmas 12/13/2015
285. Helping Us Through The Darkest Night 12/26/2015
286. Jesus Is Lord Of All. 1/2/2016
287. Stilling The Storm 2/15/2016
288. Life 2/25/2016
289. Heralding The Hope Of A Glorious Summer 4/11/2016
290. You Are There 5/22/2016
291. Let's Take The Risk 9/12/2016
292. And Stays By Us From First To Final Breath 10/5/2016
293. Such A Wonderful Partner For Me 10/29/2016
294. The Immortal Dies 3/16/2015
295. Lord Jesus, To Me You Are: 3/17/2015
296. He Chose The Cross 3/27/2015
297. The Kiss Of Betrayal 3/11/2015
298. The Agony Of Gethsemane 3/9/2015
299. No Patching Up Here 3/7/2015
300. Not A Word Was Said 3/8/2015
301. No Light Only The Darkest Shades 3/6/2015
302. It Was A Dry And Barren Place 3/5/2015
303. I Will Always Love You 2/8/2015
304. My Dear, Do Not Leave Me Now And Do Not Die 2/28/2015
305. Moving Home For The Last Time 2/26/2015
306. Light 2/20/2015
307. I'M Not Alone 2/9/2015
308. He Will Keep Me Afloat 2/7/2015
309. When The Nights Are Dark 10/12/2014
310. Blessedness In Brokenness 8/7/2014
311. How Many Breaths? 2/10/2014
312. David And Bathsheba (Part 2) 1/22/2014
313. Capturing The Moment That Changed My Life 8/6/2013
314. A Lovely Man Called Jeff 1/19/2014
315. With Joy And Yet With Trepidation 5/15/2013
316. We Walked Together 3/3/2013
317. He Passed The Test! 6/4/2012
318. The Candle Of Peace 12/9/2012
319. It Was The Dawning Of The Day Of Grace, 12/14/2012
320. When Hope Seemed So Hopeless, 11/4/2012

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  • Sj Holland Sj Holland (6/4/2013 6:29:00 AM)

    Nice to find a poet, during my first week of learning the site, writing about the things of God. Look forward to reading more of your work as I can find time.

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Best Poem of Royston Allen


Freedom to give
Freedom to live
Freedom to question why

Freedom to walk
Freedom to talk
Freedom to live or to die

Freedom to sing
Freedom to swing
Freedom to just walk on by

Freedom to speak
Freedom to seek
Freedom to laugh or to cry

Freedom to work
Freedom to shirk
Freedom to save or to buy

Freedom to please
Freedom to tease
Freedom to smile or to sigh

Freedom to be
Freedom to see
Freedom to aspire so high

Freedom to touch
Freedom to clutch
Freedom to grant or deny

Freedom that's ...

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Before The Beginning

There, before the beginning was the Word
and in the emptiness God's voice was heard.
'Let there be light', the Almighty One said,
as firstlight was conceived and off it sped.

Into the nothingness light exploded
Each photon with God's power was loaded
Reaching into the furthest voids of space
light shot forward at a colossal pace.

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