Roz French

Rookie (October / Chester)

Biography of Roz French

Born - Chester England
Gender - Female
Sexuality - Lesbian
Occupation - N/A

I write poems from my own life experiances be they good or bad, it's my way of getting things out my system as i am not a very good talker when it comes to my own personal stuff.

Roz French's Works:

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Late For Fate.

Is it to late to change destiny and fate?
To change the route that my life does take?
Or is it all a predefined trip with no exceptions or excursions,
No room for extras fate's running it like a tight ship.

But what if i wised up an got a bit clever
A little smart an found away to give old fate the slip one day
Sneak off, vanish, fade away from my life's fate thats set in it's way

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