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1. Eventual Death 5/10/2012
2. Misery 10/13/2012
3. My Truth So True 10/13/2012
4. Land On Your Feet 10/13/2012
5. Take More Notice 10/13/2012
6. Angle Of Hope 10/13/2012
7. Blood And Death 10/21/2012
8. Bitter 10/21/2012
9. Devil's Schemes 10/21/2012
10. Send You All My Love 10/21/2012
11. Gone And Done 10/21/2012
12. Grip Your Chains 10/22/2012
13. Heaven's Gate 10/22/2012
14. Nothing Left To Give 5/10/2012
15. My Soul To You I Harden 5/10/2012
16. Fly Free 11/9/2012
17. Heart Space 1/15/2013
18. Have No Say 10/22/2012
19. My Devils Fork 5/10/2012
20. Coming Death 5/10/2012
21. Lose Your Voice 10/22/2012
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Lose Your Voice

I was in misery
With no one to comfort me
You broke me down
Turned my smile into a frown

You scared me deep
Made me feel so dam week
Took my voice so i couldn't speak
Kept me rushed of my clumsy feet

You bullied me and controlled my thinking
God i was even sacred of blinking
You would glare and shout
Then wave those fists about

I was awake when you came in
Not sure how you live a life of sin
You made me feel so sad
But now i see im just so mad

Do you know i see right through,
The shell of a man that makes you - you?
Your ...

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Nothing Left To Give

Is the devil in pain -
Trying hard to keep in sane?
Is the world going round -
Trying to hide its dying sound?
Are the devils horns locked within -
Growing longer within each sin?
Is the world lost in a sea of black -
Fighting the constant waves of attack?

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