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The great discovery of releasing emotions through poems have been a true blessing. Thanks to a wonderful friend who showed me the way!

I'm not good with words
Nor am I with the language
But I dare write poems
Only to impress another

Landing as a poetess
Neither knowing the idioms, nor the phrases
How to correctly punctuate, or to rhyme

I write from my feelings 
I write from imaginations
Some even from the dull reality.

I'll write as long as the words feed
As long as someone cares to read
Your comments are my only need.

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Saving Myself

The path I choose needs time
Patience and determination
Difficult to take and painful to endure
Discouragement and hopelessness along the way
Accomplishments will not come easy

Expressions of feelings through words
To relieve stress and to expel emotions
Of love, anger, despair, resentment

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