Ruby Honeytip

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Biography of Ruby Honeytip
I speak powerful feelings in my poems.
We come into this world all alone and we are lucky if we leave with someone holding our hand.
The pull to writing the way I do, I suspect, is inspired by my belief in love. They are not all autobiographical.....but some are.....I'm not saying which is which. Some of these poems are delightfully, unapologetically chock full of cliche, some are sensuous, some are from the middle of my heart. I find there are certain comforts in commonly used sentiments, but I use them for my own effect.
Some of my work is racey. If sexiness offends you...or if you are quite young or may want to bypass my poems. Thank you for popping by x

Ruby Honeytip's Works: Updates

My Life In Flames

The uninvited fire of truth.
How long can I conceal this?
I can't go back to the cold life I knew
There, I didn't know I could feel this.

I evolve in this intimate healing,
The ‘burning wheel' is all my own.
I fear his soul is my only true mirror,
And it reflects me burning alone.

© 2012

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