Ruby Mae Heard

Ruby Mae Heard Poems

1. Again The Drink 7/30/2005
2. Someone New, Dont Need You 7/30/2005
3. I Know You Want To Know 11/4/2005
4. Adrian 11/4/2005
5. The Black Widow 11/8/2005
6. Franklin The Spider 11/4/2005
7. Sorry Ed 12/29/2005
8. Chase You 12/29/2005
9. Put Yourself In My Place 1/2/2006
10. Between Sunday And Monday 1/2/2006
11. Remember Me 1/2/2006
12. Butterflies 1/6/2006
13. Another Call (Part I) 12/29/2005
14. Dont Walk Away 1/6/2006
15. Love Is For Mugs 1/2/2006
16. Two Out Of Three Aint Bad 12/29/2005
17. Put To Rest 7/30/2005
18. Wonderful Spider 11/4/2005
19. After The Call (Part 2) 12/29/2005
20. Michael Jackson 1/2/2006
21. Friends Ii 1/3/2006
22. Always There 1/3/2006
23. Forever 12/7/2005
24. Best Friends 12/7/2005
25. Why I Drank 7/30/2005
26. Friends 11/8/2005

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How do you know when youve found a true friend?

I'll tell you how
A good friend will bail you out of prison
A true friend will be siiting next to you sayin we screwed up!

A good friend will tell you what you want to hear
A true friend will always tell the truth

A good friend will be there for you all through school
A true friend will be there till the day you die

When you find a true friend you'll know and no matter how much you try you will never loose a true friend because they need you and you need them.

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Franklin The Spider

Franklin comes and goes
But i know hes always there
Im the only one that knows
The others just dont care

He'll sit there in the corner
Or behind the cuboard door
Does he hear me when i speak?
Or see me when i cry?

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