Ruby Star

Rookie [Ruby] (Australia)

Biography of Ruby Star

I am a poetry writer and reader from way back, from early childhood. I did a creative writing degree in my early twenties and learnt that only format can really be taught, not ability. I think most poets have a deep passion for the power of words, their ability to lift us up, compel our compassion, connect us to our humanity and each other, and inspire change. I am a social and spiritual activist and I love the Spirit in all things because it threads us together in a luminous tapestry.
I have scribbled on and off for years, rarely sharing my writings. Let me know if I should still be keeping them to myself :) Updates


I am perfect in my imperfection.

It is my fallen state

that makes me trustworthy

the hurt, the blunder, the lashing out,

the stumble,

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