Ruby Tonacao Campos

Rookie (Leyte, Philippines)

Biography of Ruby Tonacao Campos

Ruby is a christian Freelance Writer who is residing in Cebu, Philippines. She is currently teaching Public Speaking and Performing Arts and Journalism in A Secondary school. She loves learning new things, traveling, reading meeting and making new friends, and studying about other cultures.
Nature always catches her attention-the flowers, animals, birds, butterflies, fish and other wildlife. They all amaze her with grandeur. She is thankful to God for His wonderful creation for man to behold and appreciate.

Ruby Tonacao Campos's Works:

She is currently working on a manuscript for publication. Updates


Slowly, silently, carefully, she crawls beneath,
She reaches out her trembling right hand,
Tightly, her left hand held to her belly,
Then she inches forward for the only crumb,
Her mouth waters, waters more.

She moves, another direction, a second crumb,
She covers her face flat to the ground

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