Rudy Rico Castillo

Rookie (B-day- June 11,1993 / Angeles City, PH)

Rudy Rico Castillo Poems

41. Until 10/5/2008
42. What Does It Feel? 6/22/2009
43. I'Ll Meet You There 6/22/2009
44. I Want War! 6/22/2009
45. Afraid To Begin 8/14/2009
46. Lesson 6: Decision Making 8/14/2009
47. Heart Restoration Potion 10/13/2009
48. The Dictator 10/29/2009
49. I Guess I'M Fine 10/29/2009
50. My Second Narrative Poem 11/5/2009
51. Death By Degrees 8/7/2008
52. I Really Like Someone 5/2/2008
53. Less Than Three 3 11/5/2009
54. Help Each Other 5/26/2008
55. Leave 5/30/2009
56. Be Emotional 7/12/2008
57. A Dreamer Yet A Loser 12/16/2008
58. Be My Sound Effect 7/12/2008
59. It's Music Not Noise 5/2/2008
60. My First Narrative Poem 8/15/2008

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My First Narrative Poem

When he was born,
the stars collapsed,
No one rejoice,
Not even himself.

When he was 3,
The people cry,
If why they give,
Someone like this.

When he was 10,
He's left behind,
& no one cares,
Even if he dies.

When he turned teen,
He learned to live,
Live the life alone,
Coz no one cares.

The time have passed,
No companion,
On his right side,
Even in the left.

He learned to survive,
Survive alone,
In his own way,
People loves him tight.

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It's Music Not Noise

Love Music, Hate Noise
Music may heal you
Noise may irritate you
Different from every aspect.

Find Music, Throw Noise
Music is nice,
Noise is insane
Different from each other.

Cherish Music, Burn Noise
Music is good
Noise is evil
Now can you choose?

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