Runita R Menezes

Rookie (1st October 1980 / Mumbai)

Biography of Runita R Menezes

Born in Orlem area of Mumbai Malad. I have been writing since the age of 14. Over the years i have been meaning to publish my work so that my work should inspire and give hope to others.

By all means please feel free to comment on any of my work.

God Bless,

Runita Updates

A Broken Heart

I was so happy, sorrow had yet to come my way.
Your smile was so rich just like a sunlit bay.
You were always around when I needed you,
Just like every flower needs dew.
You gave me happiness and a lot of contentment.
You were the finest thing on the seven continents.
You seemed so good, so full of care,
But to love me eternal, you wouldn’t dare.

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