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1. Wishes For You 7/29/2009
2. Identity 7/30/2009
3. Neglected Rope 7/30/2009
4. Unsatiated Triumph 8/3/2009
5. Morbid Echoes 8/3/2009
6. With And Without 8/29/2009
7. Hastened Rook 8/29/2009
8. Know Me-No Me 8/29/2009
9. Odd Day Account 9/11/2009
10. We Love Each Other 9/13/2009
11. Vicissitudes Realized 10/16/2009
12. Death Of A Traitor 9/23/2009
13. Anomalous Status 8/29/2009
14. Wish 8/4/2009
15. Defeating Double Bind 8/12/2009
16. The Purpose 8/12/2009
17. Woman 8/5/2009
18. True Indeed 9/11/2009
19. Lozenge For 'He' 7/19/2009
20. The Apt Caveat 9/17/2009
21. Dying Ma 8/5/2009
22. Recession Does Its Bit... 8/19/2009
23. My Teacher 8/5/2009
24. On His Grave... 8/12/2009
25. Reminiscence 8/3/2009
26. Malaise 9/17/2009
27. For The Unborn 8/4/2009
28. My Eternal Say 9/11/2009
29. Love Stolen... 9/18/2009

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Love Stolen...

Hungry was the street
Lying before me
Thirsty was the soul
Helping guiding me.

Unwired Dickensian slum
smiling nearby
On low tune satire
Whispered- ‘love kills and heals’.

My legs bewildered,
My sense unnerved,
My head stooped,
Yet, my thirsty soul guided me.

My legs had to reach me
To far woods
To kiss the grave of my other-half
And let her know-her lost son found.

Alas! I met her
With, all skeleton scattered
Grave broken and torn
And the wedding ring stolen.

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Let the earth be made flat
May then I see at far my esteemed part.
Let the giant peaks be shortened
So the facade of whence I’m exiled be mirrored.

Summer is dry. All I am with winter warmth
Life’s so hard; nor in gallons Manas can maketh.
Have all. But I am made- man of no land
Boss! Let thy impromptu act be redefined.

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