Russell Crow

Silver Star - 3,325 Points [the Poet] (May 25th,1995)

Russell Crow Poems

41. Terrified... 5/9/2013
42. Everything 5/9/2013
43. Calling Of Sleep 5/9/2013
44. Stranger 5/9/2013
45. Silver Winter 5/15/2013
46. Intoxication 5/15/2013
47. Pathetic 5/15/2013
48. 'No One Will Remember Me' 5/15/2013
49. Undefeated, I Am Not 5/16/2013
50. Disassemble 5/16/2013
51. February Disaster 5/16/2013
52. Evergreen 5/16/2013
53. Fin' 5/16/2013
54. 12 Years 5/18/2013
55. Mysterious Everything Is To My Curiosity 5/19/2013
56. Recoiling, I'M Beyond Useless 5/19/2013
57. Spinning Backwards Since... 5/19/2013
58. Heroes And Crooks 5/21/2013
59. Could We Ever Be 5/21/2013
60. Disarray Of Thoughts 5/21/2013
61. Created Friends From Sculpted Words 5/21/2013
62. Joker 5/28/2013
63. Ironically 5/28/2013
64. Condemned 5/28/2013
65. Hourglass, Comatose Of Memories 5/30/2013
66. One Star I Called Mine 5/30/2013
67. Backspace, Sidewalks 6/4/2013
68. Sorceress 6/16/2013
69. Don't Leave Me Again 6/17/2013
70. A Break From Life 6/17/2013
71. Meaningless 6/17/2013
72. Made Of Glass 6/17/2013
73. Watching You 6/17/2013
74. Separate Me, My Soul From My Body 6/17/2013
75. Diving Without A Parachute Or An Oxygen Tank 6/17/2013
76. No Bravado Or Confidence, Just A Confusing Coincidence 6/17/2013
77. Inspirational Guide; Losing My Mind 6/17/2013
78. Pondering The Same Old Entry 6/17/2013
79. Puppet Without Strings But With A Song 6/17/2013
80. Street Rat 6/19/2013

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  • Karen Gonzalez-videla (6/17/2013 4:40:00 PM)

    Russell Nero is a magnificent poet. He puts passion and love in his poems, making them vivid to the human eye. His works of art shine with so much feelings that you can't resist them. I wish he becomes a poet one day, though I would be more than enchanted to buy all of his books

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Best Poem of Russell Crow

Escape The Holocaust

Another night
Another fight to survive
As the days go by
Everybody with blonde hair and blue eyes
And if the religion fits
They'll burn to a crisp
This is a fight
A fight to stay alive
Some have tried to escape this
This Holocaust as some have called it
But they were stopped
Dragged, pulled back in
Forced to endure harsh labor camps
Forced to flee their homes
To find a secret place to
Live peacefully without a fear of
Their lives taken away without dignity

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Putting pen to paper
An art form, a treasured art form spanning centuries
But look at progression of technology
It's becoming mere words across multiple viewing screens
Missing the integrity of what captured gazes and enticed others to gather in masses to hear what was written spoken in complete vibrance
But those days are erased, the world is bleak
A cornucopia of default faces expressed in grimaces and anguish
As the days pass, here rises the death toll
Animals and humans alike

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