Russell Topping

Biography of Russell Topping

I am 65 years old. For years I suffered from alcohol and depression. Until I was deliveed and healed by a merciful God. I have been married to the same woman for forty-two years and live in Lambertville N.J.
Have been seriously writing poetry since about 1977

Russell Topping's Works:

'Castles Made of Sand' A series of thoughts in poetic form. Available by Googling for $9.95 + S&H Updates

The First Snow

The first snow came last night like a thief
covering the ground in a death-like shroud.
The first snow melsted quietly as had my
innocence and youth.
So quietly, in fact that I never knew it was gone.
that's always the cse when you face life's truth.
I guess deep inside I knew it wouldn't last
because it so true that you cannot liove in the past.

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