Gold Star - 14,550 Points [(RUSMER ))] (03.02.1967 / DHAKA Tangail, BANGLADESH)


441. And My Two Sons Are Two Damn Angels 4/1/2018
442. A Toy Of Time Place And Action 4/26/2018
443. Vellore The Valley A Peaceful City 6/13/2018
444. Avoid The Gloom And Be Bloomed 12/25/2018
445. প্রভু দেখা দাও কাছে এসো ধরা দাও 12/1/2018
446. অসীমকে ছুঁতে চায় মন / Oshimke Sute Chay Mon 10/14/2018
447. সময় করোনা অপচয় / Somoy Korona Opochoy 10/14/2018
448. মুনাফেকি/ Munafeki 10/14/2018
449. Am Not A Poet But Others Are 5/15/2018
450. These Long Two Scores 4/3/2018
451. Simple People Are Easily Entreing The Eden 5/9/2018
452. Don Break Rule When You Pass 5/14/2018
453. One Is The Devil And Other Is Your Ego! 4/1/2018
454. All You Busy Take It Easy 4/2/2018
455. লতিফা পাকসাফ হলে কি কি লাভ আসে? (Lotifa Paksaf Hole Ki Ki Lav Ashe?) )) 4/1/2018
456. Lover Traveler Needs No Visa 4/3/2018
457. Every Time She's New As If Apple Like Hew! ! 4/1/2018
458. কিভাবে জিকির শ্রেষ্ঠ ইবাদত? (Kivabe Jikir Shreshtho Ibadot?)) 4/1/2018
459. Bangladesh Is An Enchanting Land...2... 5/10/2018
460. Dua Is A Part Of Worsipping 5/9/2018
461. Why My Mind Door Doesn't Open 11/14/2018
462. Bangladesh Is An Enchanting Land...4... 5/9/2018


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Bangladesh Is An Enchanting Land...4...

We are Bangladeshi
we are a South Asian Country
It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world
We have six seasons but fours are felt the most
We enjoy Summer for juicy fruits
We enjoy winter for cakes, oranges and date juices
We enjoy Monsoon for jackfruits and journey by boats
We enjoy Autumn for shefali flower and Palms
We enjoy Late Autumn by harvesting crops
We enjoy Spring for flowers in the mango orchard and observing the new Bangla Year
Our great Sea is the Bay of Bengal to the South
We get huge fishes from the sea too
The People of the ...

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These Long Two Scores

i kudn't talk to her
for these long two scores
hairs are growing grey
may be once no more
but the gestures
uh the postures
i feel how much i love
for her and for me
to tell LOVE is really tough

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