Gold Star - 14,550 Points [(RUSMER ))] (03.02.1967 / DHAKA Tangail, BANGLADESH)


161. তাহলে আমিও দোয়া করবো 5/9/2018
162. Bangladesh Is An Enchanting Land...5... 5/9/2018
163. Bangladesh Is An Enchanting Land...1... 5/10/2018
164. The Story Of Abu Jahl And Teaching For Us! 5/10/2018
165. Look At The Soil And Learn! 5/12/2018
166. Another Angle Entered 5/12/2018
167. Obedience And Tolerance 5/12/2018
168. কে নিজেকে চিনেছে আর ধরে ফেলেছে Ke Nijeke Chenese Ar Dhorefelese 5/12/2018
169. আমার সন্ধ্যা মালতি/Amar Sondha Maloti 5/13/2018
170. যদি বুঝতো ওরা তবে কিযে ভালো হতো / Would That They Could Realize 5/13/2018
171. বৃষ্টি কে ভেবে দেখো কে সে কি না / Think Over The Rain As An Important Factor 5/13/2018
172. কি মিষ্টি আজকের বৃষ্টি / Ki Misti Azker Bristi 5/13/2018
173. Rhyme Of This Rain 5/13/2018
174. Rhyme Of The Brain 5/13/2018
175. হিসাব দিতে গড়িমসি করার সুযোগ নাই/ Hisab Dite Gorimoshi Korar Suzog Nai 5/14/2018
176. কার দো'আ কবুল হয় / Kar Doa Kobul Hoy? 5/14/2018
177. অস্থিরতা সে কেমন 5/10/2018
178. মানুষের সবচেয়ে বড় গুণটি... 5/11/2018
179. তোমার পায়ে কাঁটার আঘাত আমার অন্তরে বিঁধে 5/11/2018
180. We Are In The Premise Of Satellite 5/11/2018
181. কি জানি কি ভাবছি আমি /Kizani Ki Vabchi Ami 5/9/2018
182. No Hesitation To Be Accountable For? 5/14/2018
183. এলেম কাল্ব থেকে কাল্বে /Elem Sina Ba Sina 5/15/2018
184. হুজুরি কাল্ব / Hujuri Kwalb 5/15/2018
185. আল্লাহ র প্রেমাকরশন কি ভাবে হবে/How Come Love Attraction Of God 5/15/2018
186. Prayer For The Palestine 5/16/2018
187. গল্পঃ বায়েজিদ বুস্তামী (রহঃ)ও এক বেশ্যা / Golpo: Baiojid Bustami Roh O Ek Besha 5/16/2018
188. গল্পঃ বখতিয়ার খিলজি কিন্তু এক অমীমাংসিত প্রশ্ন / Golpo: Bokhtiar Khilji Kintu Ekta Proshno 5/16/2018
189. Mind Heart Kwalb And Source Of Knowledge 5/16/2018
190. If Not Guided By The Master Then Futile All Worships 5/17/2018
191. Chicken Hearted There Are Too 5/17/2018
192. This Is Universal As I Am 5/17/2018
193. Tri Trp Trp...Rhythm So Deep 5/17/2018
194. Speak Up, Babul Pretension Is Very Bad 5/17/2018
195. Now Tip Tip Before It Was Tup Taap Jhup Jhaap 5/17/2018
196. Ramadan A Holy An Sweet Month! ! 5/17/2018
197. Images Of God Are Who; Say You Who 5/17/2018
198. What Meaning You Seek In The Term 5/17/2018
199. We Have Three Eyes 5/18/2018
200. We Are Perplexed On Many Factors 5/18/2018


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Bangladesh Is An Enchanting Land...4...

We are Bangladeshi
we are a South Asian Country
It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world
We have six seasons but fours are felt the most
We enjoy Summer for juicy fruits
We enjoy winter for cakes, oranges and date juices
We enjoy Monsoon for jackfruits and journey by boats
We enjoy Autumn for shefali flower and Palms
We enjoy Late Autumn by harvesting crops
We enjoy Spring for flowers in the mango orchard and observing the new Bangla Year
Our great Sea is the Bay of Bengal to the South
We get huge fishes from the sea too
The People of the ...

Read the full of Bangladesh Is An Enchanting Land...4...

Love Has No Limit...

After Leaving the Earth Of Prophet Muhammad SM:
Hajrat Belal Rta became very much shocked
He Rta was almost mad for Rasool SM!
He Rta took his bag and baggage for leaving Madina shoreef where Rasool SM was nomore!
Then Sahaba Rtas asked him Rta of his destination of going: 'The Country where my dear RasooL SM is no more, I can't Stay there!
" Then He Rta came to Damesk Of SYRIA!
After a few Days of his Rta departure from Madina Shoreef, He Rta dreamt Rasool SM Telling:

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