Gold Star - 14,550 Points [(RUSMER ))] (03.02.1967 / DHAKA Tangail, BANGLADESH)


281. নফস কুকুরে রোজা / Nofs Kukure Roja 10/20/2018
282. To Clean Innerself Is Jikir 10/21/2018
283. He Cannot Be Forgotten In Anyway...2... 10/11/2018
284. আত্মা সমাচার / Atta Somachar 10/14/2018
285. পরিচ্ছন্নতা আর পবিত্রতা / Cleanliness And Holiness 11/1/2018
286. দোয়া করা /Asking Something In Prayer 11/1/2018
287. নিয়াজ নজরানা/ Gift 11/1/2018
288. Human Capsule And Human Soul 11/6/2018
289. A Clothed Dear Kept In The Chest 11/6/2018
290. God Gifted Free Will 11/6/2018
291. Cleanliness Is Not Always Godliness 11/6/2018
292. আকাশের ঝরে পড়া তারার ঝিকিমিকি / Akasher Jhore Pora Tarar Jhikimiki 11/6/2018
293. ভয়াবহ আরও হবে/ Voyaboho Aro Hobe 11/6/2018
294. নিজেকে ভালো ভাবার অবকাশ কোথায়/ Nijeke Valo Vebo Na 11/6/2018
295. Woodpecker's Snub For Food 11/6/2018
296. Power Of Wash 11/7/2018
297. Peace I Need To Keep My Nerve Calm 11/7/2018
298. Wisdom What Sort? 11/7/2018
299. There Is No Seat To Think Mysel The Best 11/7/2018
300. The Later Age Would Be Deadly Worse Than The Former Each Age To Come 11/7/2018
301. Shining Of The Fallen Stars Of Sky 11/7/2018
302. Come And Be My Companion Dear All 11/8/2018
303. Volcanoic Sorrows 11/9/2018
304. Counting By Head Or Heart 11/10/2018
305. There Is No Way To Here And There For Accoutability 11/10/2018
306. আমি তোমার মতো হতে চাই/I Want To Be Like You 11/12/2018
307. ধর্ম কি নেশার আর না পেশার জিনিস / Dhormo Ki Neshar Ar Na Peshar Jinish 11/12/2018
308. সুন্নত তরিকা কেও মানুক আর নাই মানুক / Keo Manuk Ar Nai Manuk 11/3/2018
309. সুফি সম্রাট/ Sufi Somrat 11/3/2018
310. ছন্দে সুর আর সুরে ছন্দ/ Sonde Shur Shure Sondo 11/16/2018
311. Fire Burns But None To Blow Out 11/18/2018
312. ভুলের মাশুল কে দিবে...Vuler Mashul Ke Dibe 11/22/2018
313. কতো সে তিমির পেড়িয়ে/ Koto Se Timir Periye 11/22/2018
314. আগুন জ্বলেরে নিভাবার মানুষ নাই/ Mental Stress And Burning 11/17/2018
315. সে যে তোমার আমার প্রেম/ Tomar Amar Prem 11/18/2018
316. জ্ঞান কোষ / Gankosh 11/23/2018
317. Whose Who 11/28/2018
318. Space Travelling 11/28/2018
319. Where Is Me As I Am... 11/28/2018
320. A Drop Of Rain 11/28/2018


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Bangladesh Is An Enchanting Land...4...

We are Bangladeshi
we are a South Asian Country
It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world
We have six seasons but fours are felt the most
We enjoy Summer for juicy fruits
We enjoy winter for cakes, oranges and date juices
We enjoy Monsoon for jackfruits and journey by boats
We enjoy Autumn for shefali flower and Palms
We enjoy Late Autumn by harvesting crops
We enjoy Spring for flowers in the mango orchard and observing the new Bangla Year
Our great Sea is the Bay of Bengal to the South
We get huge fishes from the sea too
The People of the ...

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These Long Two Scores

i kudn't talk to her
for these long two scores
hairs are growing grey
may be once no more
but the gestures
uh the postures
i feel how much i love
for her and for me
to tell LOVE is really tough

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