Gold Star - 14,550 Points [(RUSMER ))] (03.02.1967 / DHAKA Tangail, BANGLADESH)


321. Heart Scanner 12/9/2018
322. Hidden Knowledge 12/11/2018
323. Religion Of Trix... 12/11/2018
324. Religion Of Ego 12/11/2018
325. Religion Of The World 12/11/2018
326. Religion Of The World Superpowers 12/11/2018
327. Tomorrow Is Another Day 12/12/2018
328. Ask Forgiveness For Sine De.. 12/12/2018
329. আধ্যাত্মিকতা কাছেই আছে দূর গ্রহে নহে 12/14/2018
330. Spirituality Is Not From Far Plnet 12/14/2018
331. আমি নেই তাতেই আছি...Ami Nei Tatei Asi.... 12/14/2018
332. I Have No Existence But I Am In That.. 12/14/2018
333. Fire Burns But None To Blow Out 11/18/2018
334. ভুলের মাশুল কে দিবে...Vuler Mashul Ke Dibe 11/22/2018
335. কতো সে তিমির পেড়িয়ে/ Koto Se Timir Periye 11/22/2018
336. জ্ঞান কোষ / Gankosh 11/23/2018
337. এক ফোঁটা বৃষ্টির দাম 12/2/2018
338. শুন্নে ভ্রমণ 12/2/2018
339. Zigzag Journey 12/9/2018
340. Breaking The Mood 12/9/2018
341. প্রভুর শুক্রিয়া আদায় /Provur Shukriya Aday 1/4/2019
342. সবুজ পাখি Sobuj Pakhi 1/4/2019
343. আয় দেখ আমি প্রেমের পথে / Ay Dekh Ami Premer Pothe 1/5/2019
344. এ দুনিয়ার বুক থেকেই চিনে শুনে দেখে যেতে চাই / E Duniar Buk Thekei Chine Shune Dekhe Jete Chai 1/20/2019
345. সব ফেলে চলে এসো আমার বুকে/ Shob Fele Chole Eso Amar Buke 1/20/2019
346. Oh Dear Rain Drop Sound Of Tin Tup Top 1/21/2019
347. A Kiss Not For You Rain 1/21/2019
348. No Rain Drop Then Really 1/21/2019
349. কোথায় তুমি / Kothay Tumi 1/25/2019
350. আছি কাছে বসবো পাশে /Asi Kase Bosbo Pashe 1/25/2019
351. আলেম এর রুপ কি হবে/ Alem Er Rup Ki Hobe 1/25/2019
352. Let Me Be Loving Him 1/25/2019
353. প্রথম দিন ২০১৯ সাল /Prothom Din 2019 Sal 12/31/2018
354. Facebook Diary Today 1/1/2019
355. Path The Inner Clealliness... 1/29/2019
356. Love Has No Limit... 2/26/2019
357. Rustic Still Babbles... 2/26/2019
358. A Rose Of Pearled Petals! 2/26/2019
359. ডন প্লাক দারোজ / Don't Pluck The Rose -new- 4/12/2019
360. সুন্নত তরিকা কেও মানুক আর নাই মানুক / Keo Manuk Ar Nai Manuk 11/3/2018


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Bangladesh Is An Enchanting Land...4...

We are Bangladeshi
we are a South Asian Country
It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world
We have six seasons but fours are felt the most
We enjoy Summer for juicy fruits
We enjoy winter for cakes, oranges and date juices
We enjoy Monsoon for jackfruits and journey by boats
We enjoy Autumn for shefali flower and Palms
We enjoy Late Autumn by harvesting crops
We enjoy Spring for flowers in the mango orchard and observing the new Bangla Year
Our great Sea is the Bay of Bengal to the South
We get huge fishes from the sea too
The People of the ...

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These Long Two Scores

i kudn't talk to her
for these long two scores
hairs are growing grey
may be once no more
but the gestures
uh the postures
i feel how much i love
for her and for me
to tell LOVE is really tough

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