Gold Star - 14,550 Points [(RUSMER ))] (03.02.1967 / DHAKA Tangail, BANGLADESH)


  • ''even in the PRAYER house you take the mobile phones
    but it is that you have come to remember and asking forgiveness to him...for god's sake throw away the phones and be resolute what you say to your master and remember him with sincerity and discipline..spare a few real moments for real cause.. soon you will be at a loss! !''
    we should be careful when we visit the god's house and we shouldn't miss a single moment inattentively in the PRAYER MAT! !
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  • ''we'll have to answer to GOD for what we do
    good people pass the ring quickly but arrogant will be caught in a ring you have to pass in the hereafter! !''
    no nation, no color, no creed will get preference in the life hereafter. only good people who loved god and his creatures! !
  • ''without having the mentality of purifying yourself how you dare to go to the mosque/ other prayer house!''
    don't get inside of the prayer house when you are not purified!
  • ''you cannot increase or decrease your quality.
    it can strong or weak for health.
    quality is god gifted matter.
    you can sharpen it by taking help of others.
    teachers are guide to sharpen your quality.
    you can try to but all you cannot achieve.''
    quality is gift of god for all in general but special for selected.

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মৃত্যু কি সে? মৃত কে সে?

মৃত্যু কি সে?
মৃত কে সে?
মানুষ মৃত্যু বলতে ব্যাক্তির জৈব দেহটির বিনাশকেই বুঝে
মৃত্যুর পূর্বে মরার একটি বিষয় হাদিসে আছেঃ
এই মৃত্যুটি কি?
এই মৃত্যুটি হল ব্যাক্তির স্বীয় নফসের মৃত্যু
নফসের উপর রূহের বিজয়ী হওয়া
প্রতিটি নফসকে মৃত্যুর স্বাদ ভোগ করতে হবে
একটি আয়াতও কোরানে আছেঃ

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