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hi everyone my names ruth lewis im 17 years old i love to read poetry and short stories and dream to become a writer one day so its the reason im starting to write poems. heres a little about me i am basically a orphan i lost my mom at 4 and my dad at 13 i live with my guardians whose raising me and my younger brother the best they can i deal with depression and anger and im bi sexual alot of ppl dont kno and if they do they dont accept it. i look like the happy girl who has everythging but im not im just me a simple girl whose living her life the best she can

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i havent published any yet Updates

Leave Me Alone Dude

i dont see why you do this to me you hurt me and say to leave you alone but yet you stand so close you still make my heart beat and my palms sweat i get the butterflies i dont like it nor want it man cant you just let me be you got what you wanted and left so why cant you stay the hell away from me.

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