Ryan Holmes

Biography of Ryan Holmes

I'm a senior at my highschool. I've been writing since around Febuary of 2005, and have been writing poetry specifically since early summer of 2005. So if what I write to you seems a bit, immature, bad, ill quality, give me time, I'm semi new to this. Most have what I have up so far are chosen earlier pieces of me up until October of last year, I've not dated them yet, I'm thinking about it. I'll get newer works up soon I think.

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The Time I'Ve Spent

The time I've spent thinking of you,
It seems to me, that's all I do,
The time I've spent, in covert ache,
To know your soul, to see you wake
within my arms, within my heart,
I should stop this, I shouldn't start,
You're not for me to call my own,
Fore I'm destined to be alone,
Still I can wish, and I can weep