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I am still just a kid, i live in Pembroke Pines, a small city a bit away from Miami. since i was 13 i have been writing poetry, songs, stories, sonnets, plays, etc. and so i think i finally found a place for my emotions to be shown that isn't a fucking myspace...here at least i can get intellectual responses...by all mean leave any comment or critique you'd like...

well a little about me....i play the bass guitar as my main instrument but i also play the guitar...and a little piano, drums, and sax (alto) . I am also a singer...not just rock or anything like that...(notice not JUST rock....i still love it) but i sing classical opera as a soloist with my voice teacher and i am in the school choir and madrigals...(don't worry if you do not know what that is) anyways pardon me if i seem cocky in my poetry, but it is the only way i can really have a good self-esteem...i.r.l. i am pretty harsh on myself but i live life fine...i enjoy it and hate it....i am probably the most depressing optimist you will ever have the chance to meet...or speak to...or type to...w/e you get my point...anyways...if there is anything anyone wants to ask or if you just wanna chat with me e-mail me at xxjaggedxheartxx@aol.com...lots of love guys...thanks for your remarks and comments...

Sincerely yours,
Ryan J. Holder

P.S.: Most of my depressing poems are not so much of me being depressed as it is just that brief moment...and in that moment to stop from hurting anyone around me...i write...so please i do not want advice...just what you think of the writing...thank you very much! !

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My Dark Side

I am very nice
I am very sweet
But look closer
Beyond what the eye meets
I can control it
I can fight long and hard
But once it comes out
With no disregards
You can believe me or not

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