Ryan Richards

Rookie (September 21 1988 / Parkersburg)

Biography of Ryan Richards

Ryan Richards was born on September 21,1988. There nothing about this man since he claimed to be the myserious type of man. But of course, he a sport fantic by cheering on the West Virginia football and basketball teams, the Miami Dolphins, and the Atlanta Braves. But howevers, his favorite is NASCAR where he rooted Jeff Gordon who drove the 24 car. He started writing poems by the age of 18. He graduated Parkersburg High School in 2007 when he said he looking forward to college in the near future. One of his poem 'Pot of Gold' was published in the school newspaper. Most of his poems style are based on his religion belief. He became a Christian by the age of 22.

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I Want To Hear You

As my life seems like a mystery, no where to go.
As my heart feel so lost, where do I go?
As my mind fill with anger, where are you Lord?
You seems so far away
Where do I go wrong, I need your help
I am so lost, could you find my way?
I know that you so close to me, you never leave
You fill my heart with hope, joy and peace
You are so good to me, you are my everything

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