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Rylie Shoop Poems

1. The Many Thoughts Of Beatrix Wilder 5/22/2011
2. The Meaning Of Love 5/22/2011
3. A Labyrinth Onward To Civilization 5/22/2011
4. How Do You Know? 5/22/2011
5. Can You Read Between The Lines? 5/22/2011
6. An Ode To Distance 5/22/2011
7. Running Thoughts 5/22/2011
8. The Bridge 5/23/2011
9. Closure 5/27/2011
10. Choked Up 5/22/2011
11. Is It? 5/22/2011
12. Can You Cure The Silence? 5/22/2011
13. The Cloak 5/22/2011
14. The Endless, Reoccuring Nightmare 5/22/2011
15. Breathing Without Oxygen 5/22/2011
16. This Is A Joke About Death 7/19/2011
17. Goodbye 7/20/2011
18. Is There Love? 7/20/2011
19. Because It's Love 7/22/2011
20. Eternal Anesthetic 7/25/2011
21. Fast Forward, Please 8/1/2011
22. Previous Life 8/5/2011
23. Fore He Promised 8/15/2011
24. That Deep Black Hole 1/2/2012
25. I'M Just Trying To Save You 1/5/2012
26. Change 2/20/2012
27. Nameless 7/14/2012
28. Merely A Dream 10/16/2012
29. It's A Battlefield 10/22/2012
30. I Was Never Gone 10/30/2012
31. Poem Philosophy 11/15/2012
32. Triggers 11/15/2012
33. World, I Am Forever Lost 7/22/2011
34. Deciduous Tree Of Life 5/22/2011
35. Words Can'T Explain 7/18/2011

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Words Can'T Explain

Sometimes I'll sit here,
looking at your picture.
Your flawless profile.
Singing all the cheesy love songs,
maybe you can actually hear me.
I smile to myself,
laugh to myself.
You don't have to hear me,
to feel my love.
My love is so strong for you,
it stretches from my heart to yours.
Your smile,
oh, your smile,
it brightens my life.
It makes me get the butterflies,
it makes me smile like an idiot,
and giggle like a school girl.
Thinking about you right now,
makes my hands clammy,
sends a sensation down my ...

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Choked Up

When I told you that I loved you, the words didn't come as easily as you thought they did.

The movie replayed in my head over and over again.

I love you, I think I might be in love with you. I can't get you out of my mind, my dreams, and my thoughts.

You are the first thing to pop into my head in the morning and the last at night.

When your name comes upon my phone my world is suddenly brighter.

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